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Daily Steps &

Calls & Text Notifications

Sleep Pattern Monitoring​


Your Most Essential Information

With a resolution of 128 x 32 on a 0.91” OLED screen, Omniband+ recreates sharp images on a fitness wrist strap. Displaying ready information such as the clock, steps, calories, alarm, etc.

Ultra-long Battery

With over 2 months of standby time, a more accurate data feed can be curated over time to help users understand their productivity better.

Sleep Pattern Monitor​

OmniBand+ monitors sleeping habit and provides insights to the quality of your sleep. Auto Sleep Detect starts monitoring between 9pm-3am, helping you develop better sleeping habits.


Get reminded of the important things by setting an alarm notification.

Steps Counter​

Well calibrated steps tracker provides users with near precise accuracy. Allowing users to monitor their activities and motivating users to achieve their goals.

OmniBand+ App​

OmniBand+ is a companion for Oaxis OmniBand+ fintness tracker used to track your walked steps, sleep, and calories burned.

Product dimension: 9.83” x 0.73” x 0.33”
Product weight: 0.57 oz
Vibration: Yes
Display type: OLED 0.91”
Resolution: 128 x 32
Control method: Touch control
Battery type: Lithium-Polymer 50 mAh
Charging time: 2 hours
Requirements: iOS 7.0 and above, Android 4.3 and above
Belt materials: Bayer TPU